Profile on Fiat Ducato 2.3 – 130 hp
Year: 2013

Adria Coral S 650 SF has a sunroof which offers a beautiful clarity side show. The latter has two seats: a forward-facing, equipped with three-point belts, and another side. Enough to take up to six easily around the rectangular table. It hides a mini-extension handy and easy to store in order to better flow to the cabin. The refrigerator with a freezer, displays a significant capacity of 150 l. The reserve of clean water (110 l) is a little less.

With a carrier metallic gray, side skirts and matching decor, this section proves Coral Axess at first attractive without being flashy. It represents great way entry level Adria. Especially since its interior blends harmoniously upholstery clear and dark wood. The storage abound both above the cab side of the kitchen or bedroom. A wardrobe is even a place not too far from the bed. The hatch fitted in double floor front allows for some accessories handy.

For the night, thanks to its French bed, this model has a bathroom good size, but also easy access to the bay. In case of bad weather, no need to leave. Simply raise the mattress supported by a jack. Unlike the Matrix Axess SF M 650, from which it borrows its location, the Axess Coral S 650 SF has only four beds against six. In the absence of bed pavilion, land dinette with sofa can accommodate two more people for the night. Note that curtains is provided to isolate the front portion of the rear part.

adria coral axess s 650 sf

Adria Coral Axess s 650 SF

Adria Coral Axess S 650 SF Interior

Adria Coral Axess S 650 SF Interior


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