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Freedom at its best !!

Always wanted to taste the ultimate feeling of freedom? With a Home-Car motorhome you know you’re making the right choice.

The new motorhomes we manufacture in the town of Lommel in Belgium are the product of a perfect mix of highly creative design and engineering ideas, close working relationships with our partners and suppliers, and the boundless enthusiasm of our 36 dedicated employees.

The four fundamentals we see as critical in a motorhome – reliability, safety, luxury and comfort – are all there in abundance in every one of our models. Our production processes are designed to ensure consistent high quality in line with European standards and legislation.

All our Home-Car motorhome models feature:

  • double floors
  • aluminium side skirt
  • GRP hail-resistant roof
  • panoramic view
  • polyester walls
  • Novilon floor (hygienic and easy to maintain)

Our Homecar motorhomes stand for quality and finesse, luxury and comfort at a very attractive price!

Home Car motorhome

Home Car motorhome

Take a look at our general brochure for more information.

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